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Jim Leighton was raised to raise.

Inspired by his parents’ example and his own sense of responsibility for those in need, Jim began volunteering at the age of 13 and never stopped. His natural sales skills had their first opportunity to shine when as a teen, he helped sell Wonder Bread to raise funds for the local children‘s hospital.

Jim raises REVENUE: To date, he’s been directly involved in generating more than $52 Million for worthy causes.

Jim raises AWARENESS: Through strategic and innovative social fundraising experiences, Jim leverages his 20 years as a nonprofit event planner to raise awareness and foster community engagement.

Jim raises RELATIONSHIPS: A people person through and through, Jim believes that everyone has an important story to tell and the potential to make a difference. In this spirit, Jim enjoys showing organizations how to create connections that are genuine, long-lasting and transformative.

Jim raises THE STANDARD: A consummate professional, Jim brings a bold determination to his role. As a past President of ILEA Minneapolis/St Paul, Jim is an advocate for the professional standards of the events industry. Through collaborative work and a shared set of ethics, Jim believes that the events industry can continue to be an effective channel of change throughout the world.

Jim’s commitment to leveraging his skills and experience in order to have lasting impact is the driving force behind the founding of

RAIN, a creative strategy agency designed to educate and empower nonprofit professionals and Boards to raise more money and achieve unprecedented resiliency for their organizations.

Together we can make it RAIN